How to open a position?

This guide helps you to understand how to get start with trading on TripleFi.

Margin is deposited directly into the smart contract when you open a new position. If there is enough crypto asset to trade the trading pair in your wallet or in your margin account, you can open a position in this trading pair.

What is the direction?

The direction of a trade can be long or short. Traders can choose a direction when they open a position.

What is the amount?

The amount is shown when you open a position or when you hold a position. When you trade ETH/USDT, the amount 1 is equivalent to 1 ETH. When you trade MATIC/USDT, the amount 1 is equivalent to 1 Matic. Therefore the unit of amount varies depending on which trading pair you are currently trading.

What is the margin?

Margin is counted in USDT currently. Margin is the amount of USDT that is in your position. You can add margin from your wallet to change the estimated liquidation price.

What is the unrealized P/L?

P/L is the short form of profit and loss. Unrealized P/L is the current status of profit or loss in your current position. Unrealized P/L will be added up into your

What is the equity?

Equity is the sum of margin and the P/L in open positions. It shows the current balance of asset at this particular price level.

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